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The Crowdsale has ended

The Crowdsale has ended and has been a great success. Thank you for all who participated. Ethbits Local will be launching soon and Ethbits iTrade is in development. We will be opening a ticket system soon for issues but until then please email [email protected]

Tokens were sold

1,307,752 ETB




13,786 ETH

What is EthBits?

Ethbits Local is a new exchange that facilitates secure trades between people from bank accounts to CryptoCurrency both online and face to face. We are currently registering a business in the UK and have a fantastic variety of shareholders from around the globe that all work as a team to bring the next big ground breaking exchange. We have agreements to open offices in UK, France, Spain, China, USA and Australia. We are holding an ICO to upgrade the platform to Ethbits iTrade which will cater for the top 15 Cryptocurrencies and have a copy trading feature. This empowers the inexperienced and amplifies the profit of the more experienced traders.

Unlike most exchanges ETHBITS will be distributing up to 80% of the profit to the holders of the site token. Ethbit tokens will be used to pay site fees and the holders of the token will get paid royalties quarterly. Ethbit tokens will be spendable with the new mycelium card so our users can spend crypto anywhere in the world securely and with ease.

Ethbits ICO

Ethbits is going to sell 4 Mill Ethbit tokens during an ICO in order to develop the current platform Ethbits Local into a full lit pool trading exchange, Ethbits iTrade. Ethbits iTrade will facilitate trades of the leading 15 Cryptocurrencies.

As well as having the opportunity to share profits from a leading exchange users will also be able to participate in a new concept in crypto which is copy trading. This means users can follow the top crypto traders automatically copying each trade they execute. One of the most exciting features is CTF which will track the top 5 traders on the platform which will be a safe haven for new investors and a care free one for experienced investors. The more followers a trader has the more profit they make by executing a successful trade.

Tokens ICO Funding Tiers

Tier 1
Price 0.010 ETH per ETB 1st Week
Tier 2
Price 0.011 ETH per ETB 2nd Week
Tier 3
Price 0.012 ETH per ETB 3nd Week
Tier 4
Price 0.013 ETH per ETB 4nd Week

What is next?

ICO & Launch of ETHBITS site in Europe
Launch of ETHBITS site in India, USA, AUS & Token Issue
Closed Pool BETA site testing & 1st Dividends Paid
Closed Beta & 2nd Dividends Paid
Open Beta & TOKEN integration into Mycelium Card
OPEN BETA & 3rd Dividends Paid
Full launch Of Site & Start 80% Profit Share
Investment Fund Launched & 4th Dividends Paid (continue quarterly)

Core Team

Pedro J Rodriguez

Pedro J Rodriguez

Founder / Advisor

Monty Singh

Monty Singh

Founder / CEO

Dmitry Sergeev

Dmitry Sergeev

Lead Developer

Fran Strajnar

Fran Strajnar

Escrow Agent

Ransu Salovaara

Ransu Salovaara

Escrow Agent / Advisor

Mikko Ohtamaa

Mikko Ohtamaa

Smart Contract Advisor

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We have not permitted USA citizens to participate in Ethbits Crowdsale so if you read this you have a USA IP Address.